Forms and Documents

Project Forms for Chairpersons:

The following forms may be downloaded either as a pdf or in a word document.  These forms are for Wood County Master Gardener project approval, funding requests, and end of year evaluations.  These forms are due October 1


The voucher form is used by members for reimbursement of moneys spent on qualifying materials for approved master gardener projects.  This voucher is to be sent in to the Wood County MG treasurer and is due no later than December 1.  Vouchers may be turned in throughout the season as money is spent and must be accompanied by the receipt.


The current timesheet is available as both a pdf and an excel document.  The excel document allows you to directly input hours and save it on your computer.  Timesheets are due on October 1 to:

WCMGVA office at the UW Extension

Wood County Courthouse

PO Box 8095

Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495

Instructions for filling out the excel spreadsheet:

The timesheet is also now available as an Excel file so you can enter your information directly into the file and the columns will automatically add up when numbers are added. This can then be printed in the fall to turn in to the county office or submitted as an attachment to an email.

  • You MUST download this file to your own computer – it cannot be filled out and saved or submited on this website. To download the file, simply click on the link above and choose “Save” . Make sure you change the location to a folder where you will be able to find it later.
  • The first column is set up to display the date numerically by month and day separated by a slash (e.g. 4/23), regardless of how you enter information. If you type in “April 23” or “23 April” it will automatically convert this to show as “4/23”. Don’t include the year (the column isn’t wide enough); it will be obvious that any hours done in the autumn are really from the previous year, but fall within the reporting period attributed to this year. Should you want to use the file for a different reporting period, just change the year at the top of the page (and rename your file when you save it!).
  • The cells for activity descriptions are set up to allow text wrap, but for more than the first line to show, you’ll have to manually resize the row by dragging it down (the autofit feature doesn’t work on merged cells, which these all are to accomodate the setup at the top of the page).
  • When recording your volunteer service and continuing education you must enter the amount of time in MINUTES for each activity. The total at the bottom will automatically be converted into hours! The totals at the bottom of the page will automatically update when you enter data (and move to the next cell), so you can easily keep a running total of what you have done.
  • You can add additional rows above the totals line if you need them, but do not change the width of the columns or the form will not print correctly. You may wish to use the print preview feature to make sure your document will fit properly on a piece of paper when printed.

If you are a Master Gardener and have not completed the volunteer hours required to maintain your Certified Master Gardener Status, you will not receive communications from the State Program office in Madison.  This includes the monthly Volunteer Vibe, opportunities for Level 2 training, and program updates.  We realize there are sometimes extraneous circumstances for any given year where you may not have been able to complete the required volunteer time.  Because of this, the program office developed an exemption form granted for one year.  You can download this form and return it to either the local county office or to the program office in Madison.

Operating Documents:

The following documents outline the Standard Operating Procedures and Bylaws for the Wood County Master Gardener Association.

Writing and Photo Resources:

Information and resources maintained by UWEX to assist members in complying with copyright requirements for information presented to the public.


The following logos are here for appropriate use by the Wood County Master Gardener Association members.  Please refer to our Guidelines for PR materials and corresponding Commercial Sponsorship for appropriate usage and regulations when developing PR materials.

Some of these are full color, some are 2 color, and one is black and white.  There are rules for this logo use, see Master Gardener Logo Guidelines.
Master-Gardener-logo---FullMaster Gardener logo - BWMaster Gardener logo - 2 ColorMaster Gardener Symbol - Full Color 329x250Master Gardener Symbol - 2 Color
Wood County UWEX (JPEG)


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