Marshfield Area

Wildwood Zoo

The Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield has been in existence since the early 1900s. Today it covers over 60 acres and houses many different North American mammals.

Master Gardener involvement began in 2005. At the time, the zoo gardens needed a great deal of care and it took several years to reclaim them.

Our goals for the plantings have changed over the years. We have focused on adding more native plants and having a more natural look to the plantings in line with the animals that live there.

Since 2016, we have used the “Know Maintenance” approach, introduced by Roy Diblik, with the areas around the bear enclosure. This includes designing beds with plants that “play well with each other” with the goal of establishing a natural look that fits in with the theme of the zoo and can survive without extra mulching, fertilizing, or watering. Currently, we are in the process of bringing that same idea to the exterior of the Mountain Lion pen.

Challenges we have encountered include geese (they love to pull out new plants!), chipmunks, rabbits, poor soil and weather. We have experienced both drought and flooding.

The Wildwood Zoo is open year ‘round. In the spring a variety of flowering trees, shrubs and bulbs bloom early. During the summer, an assortment of perennials including iris, hosta, daylilies, black-eyed susans, catmint, pale purple coneflower, and prairie blazing star to name a few, color the landscape. In addition, planters of annuals, vegetables, and some perennials add season long-interest. In the fall,  look for  grasses, sedums and hydrangeas.

The winter brings a dazzling holiday light display to the
Wildwood Zoo. The Rotary Club’s Winter Wonderland was
started in 2006. With over a million L.E.D. lights and multiple
displays, this is an event not to be missed. There is no
admission charge to the Rotary Winter Wonderland; however
free will donations of food and cash are accepted to help
the local food pantries.

Marshfield Fairground Educational Garden

2022 is the 20th Anniversary of the Fairground Educational Garden. Located in the Marshfield Fairgrounds Park, it is a charming addition to the Park which educates visitors all year long, but especially during the annual Central Wisconsin State Fair in August.

Eleven themed gardens surround a gazebo, designed by Ron Meyers and Pat Watson, which was erected in 2001-2002 with the help of the Fair Ground Committee. A team of Wood County Master Gardeners and local volunteers designed the garden at its inception and continue to update and care for the gardens today. Education is the primary goal of the garden, although many people stop by just to relax and enjoy the view. Themes include a Rose garden, daylily garden, cut-flower garden and bird sanctuary. Other gardens demonstrate how to design a deer resistant garden, butterfly garden, alpine rock garden, herb garden, and a quilt patterned garden using low maintenance sedums. Hostas, hibiscus, and grasses are the focus of other garden plots.

Financial support of the garden originally came from the Bette Adler Family, Wood County Master Gardeners, and the Fairground Committee. In addition to the WCMGVA, continued support comes from citizens and businesses in the Marshfield area. Those involved in the design of the garden have included Joy Close, charter member of WCMGVA, Roger Schalow, Harry Nienaber, and Joyce Fischer, Certified MG who is the current chair and has been a dedicated leader for this project for many years. Clyde Winnia donated the large steel pot located behind the gazebo that is planted with annuals using a different theme every year.

The gardens are open for visits year round. It is located next to the Curling Building.

Happy 20th Anniversary, Marshfield Fairgrounds Educational Gardens!!

Marshfield Community Gardens

Community Gardens Marshfield Area are located on the properties of  3 area churches:


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