Outlying Areas

Edgewater Haven Nursing Home – Port Edwards

The Serenity Garden at the entrance to Edgewater Haven was

developed in 2005 to enhance the environment of patients, families, and staff. Sensory gardens have proven to be therapeutic as they provide opportunities for physical and speech therapies as well as reminiscing and relaxation.

A colorful variety of annuals, perennials, grasses, and shrubs with their scents and textures provide sensory stimulation and four season interest. Wide sidewalks and five raised flower beds enable residents with all kinds of disabilities to see, touch, smell, and enjoy.  Some residents also enjoy working in the garden themselves, sharing their gardening experiences in their younger years with our Master Gardener volunteers. Two shaded patios, benches, and a bubbling fountain provide a serene place to de-stress or socialize for residents and caregivers alike.

Originally conceived by WCMGV Edie Behm and developed with the assistance of other MG volunteers, this beautiful urban garden is fascinating with so much to see. For information about the garden or volunteer opportunities contact project leader Chris Landowski.


Lester Public Library, Vesper

Located across from the Community Park in downtown Vesper, the Library gardens have been a Master Gardener project since the new library was built in 2005.   Several different themed beds and containers provide an opportunity for four season interest.  A butterfly garden is a real, live classroom for attracting our winged friends and was the focus of a library Summer Reading Program, which involved local youth in designing and planting the garden in it’s first year. Brightly planted containers near the entry are a delight for patrons and hummingbirds alike.   A perennial garden showcases something of interest to library patrons, passersby, and wildlife all year, from bright bulbs in the spring and an interesting rock garden in the summer, to late blooming plants in the fall.  Other plantings soften a neighboring brick wall and the parking lot area, while shady areas with hosta, astilbe, ferns and other woodland plants provide a special place to rest, read, and enjoy.

Master Gardeners and Interns will find many areas of interest at this garden.  Your ideas and creativity are welcome when working at and further developing this site.  If you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, MGVs are often asked to present garden programs for the library.  Work times and days vary to fit the gardener’s schedules.   Project Team planning meetings are held twice a year. For more information contact Bob and Ruth Cline, project leaders.


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